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Please pay close careful attention here if you're living and you're struggling, its:

  • Paycheck to Paycheck type of living. (like if you lose your job, you'ld be in terrible shape).
  • Have Credit Card Debt that isn't paid down drastically.
  • Renting your Apartment or House...
  • Lack of a Good 20% Down Payment for a New Home Purchase.
  • You Don't have 6 months of Emergency Rainy Day Savings built up.
  • You Don't have a College Education Fund built for your kids.
  • You never paid Cold Hard Cash for your New Automobile Purchase.
  • You don't have a Retirement Account.
  • You want to Sock Away More into your Retirement Account.

Maybe you knew this? But did you realize there are 2 Tax Models in the United States... 1 model for the (w-2) employees (working class) and the other model for the Employer (the self-employed, the planners, the Rich, the More Affluent)...

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You, as in the employee class, is forced to Live on anywhere from 50% to about 70% of your Gross Dollars you earn. Your Employer TAKES Out in Taxes anywhere from 30% on up to 50% of your Money, then sends it in to the Government... and you end up with a 'Net Paycheck' of half to about 7/10ths...

and you're wondering WHY you're struggling?

Isn't it kinda tough to stretch out your dollars nowadays?

That's why credit cards are so popular.
 (Warning; You must live Below your Ability to Earn Limit- not beyond to Avoid problems.)

Then you wait till Tax Time & File and you're Happy again because you got a Tax Refund in early spring... WAKE UP! What you really got was the Overpayment or the Excesses that your Boss sent to them. The Government held on to your money without paying you Any Interest and then they Send you the Refund after you file.
(there is a way to Get More Money in Net Paycheck Now... get it All in 26 pay periods if you get paid every 2 weeks...Stay tuned for more!)

The Favorable Tax Model is designed for the Employers out there. The Tax Code is designed to truly Help them Succeed in Business without them paying to much or pay the least amount whenever possible....

They can Use tax deductions many things like; office rent, office utilities, office equipment, Nice Expensive Cars, Smart Cell phones, insurance, office phones, Computers, Internet Services, Software, and Vacations (we call them Business Vacations) etc... You get the picture.

So your Employer's Income can be Huge, but after "tax writeoffs" he actually will end up Paying less than you in overall percentage, like Warren Buffet did ~vs~ his secretary's salary...

Is this Fair or what?

If you can't Beat them, then Join them... I mean Join this Type crowd of people- Become Self-Employed also... but Do it on a small scale part time at first and Use this (specific money- which is yours- the money that is being withheld from you to Build your Own Business- So it BENEFITS You...) while you are still Working for your Employer.

By having an "Intent to Go into Business & Intent to Profit" you have every right to this Money, this Money is yours as explained in the video below...

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